How to Publish a Book in Canada Bootcamp comes to Vancouver Aug 15

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( — August 11, 2014)  — Vancouver —

The cost of self publishing a book is through the roof and even when people do manage to self-publish a book they don’t know how to use it to improve their professional standing and grow their business through it.


The Publish a Book and Grow Rich event to be held in Vancouver Aug 15 to 17, helps people learn how to publish a book in Canada and how to use their published author status to increase their sales and income and come a step closer to true, professional success.


The event is designed and led by Gerry Robert, a self-made millionaire who managed to go from rags to riches. Gerry Robert has generated more than $100M in revenue for himself and his partners in the past 10 years alone.


The bootcamp event offers the wisdom, insights, and practical strategies that Gerry Robert has accumulated during his career spanning 3-decades in marketing and sales into an intensive course for aspiring business owners and professionals who want to know how to make more money by establishing themseives as an authority in their field by becoming a published author.


Gerry Robert said today,

“A book is a powerful, generous tool. It can bring you more visibility, authority, profitability, and success. Sadly, only a few people know how to effectively use a book to market themselves and their brands profitable. My mission is to change that, I want more people to know that becoming rich is possible through book publishing and marketing. This bootcamp event will astound you, you will learn the true power of a book as an income accelerator.”


The Publish a Book and Grow Rich event comes to Vancouver for the first time and Gerry Robert offers free entrance to the first 20 people to register for the event. The ticket value is $1,995 and each attendant receives two door gifts, Gerry Robert’s breakthrough book, “Multiply Your Business” and a Home Study Course that complements and builds upon the weekend bootcamp event, offering participants a spherical knowledge on how to use a book as a marketing tool.