Car Seat Sun Shade Covers Prevent Young Children From Getting Burnt

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An incredible 20+ kids have died in the US this year after being left in hot cars thanks to their careless moms and dads, while the quantity of youngsters being placed into safety seats reaching temperature levels of as much as 149 degrees when left in direct sunlight is still not clear.




The Washington Post has reported that 21 young children have died in hot car related events this year throughout the United States. Just recently 2 children in Houston had to be rescued from a hot Jeep while their mother had been out shopping, and in a yet another near-miss incident in Florida last week, a 2-month-old baby had to be rescued from a minivan after being left there by her mommy while taking another youngster to see a pediatrician.


Data about youngsters getting burnt when placed into their car seats is not so easy to identify, though the National Institute of Wellness (NIH) has recently released a report about the dangers of car seat heat from Japan, which discloses that a child’s safety seat can get as hot as 149 degrees when left for a number of hours in direct sun. The same research also found distinctions in car seat temperatures depending on the color of the car with black cars reaching much greater temperature levels.


Handling the problem of untrustworthy parents leaving their children unattended in cars would be resolved by better education, however there is already a basic solution to prevent youngster’s car seats getting overheated currently on the marketplace, a simple safety seat sun shade cover, which will decrease the car seat temperature level enough to make a youngster feel comfortable and more than enough to prevent children from getting burnt.


When we asked Mr Neil Speight, a representative of Nevada based business “Freddie and Sebbie” about the issue at hand he said … “I knew it could get hot in a car, but not that hot. The Japanese research study truly surprised me, but it rightly pointed out the need for keeping child seats safeguarded from the sun.” He went on to say … “the Freddie and Sebbie car seat sun shade cover has been especially designed with children in mind, and is able to deflect sun heat, sun glare and unsafe uv rays, helping to cool children’s car seats, and they are also made from really robust materials so they will hold up to years of use.”


Mr Speight said that they had actually spent over a year developing the Freddie and Sebbie safety seat sun shade covers, and that their very latest product had just been launched on Amazon with terrific success, but said that stocks might not last for long. He concluded in saying … “The thing that most people like about all of the Freddie and Sebbie baby/child accessories in general is our warranty, which comes with a lifetime warranty, so if it ever gets torn or broken in any way, then you just have to send it back for a totally free brand-new replacement … you simply can’t find guarantees like that anymore!”.


These deluxe car seat sun shade covers are solely offered on Amazon, with “Freddie and Sebbie” guaranteeing quality products, competitive prices and a rapid shipping service.


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