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( — August 11, 2014) Wilmington, DE — Safe & Healthy Choice, LLC, a leader in all-natural and innovative nutritional supplements, has just added a brand-new colon cleanse product to its catalog. Company CEO, Scott Talbert, states:


“After months of working out the details, we are thrilled to announce that we have secured the exclusive marketing and distribution rights to a proprietary and advanced colon cleanse product. We are currently in the midst of our inaugural launch of ‘Total Cleanse’ on Amazon, a triple action formula produced by Eden Bible Blends, LLC.”


Talbert explained that his company worked both diligently and aggressively to gain the marketing rights for this unique product after studying research from the American Cancer Society and evaluating the landscape of colon therapy products. Statistics from the American Cancer Society indicate that cancer of the colon is now the third highest cause of death by cancer in the United States. It comes as no surprise that the demand for products targeting colon health has increased dramatically. What is surprising, however, is that most readily available options today suffer from one of two primary drawbacks.


On the one hand, one group of so-called colon cleanse products is steeped heavily in a long-standing parallel category of products called laxatives. However, laxatives are primarily aimed at addressing constipation. Accordingly, laxatives often make use of heavy doses of fiber geared towards loosening the stool and breaking up blockages. By design, these products can be harsh on the system and are intended for episodic, rather than continual, use. Moreover, laxatives work to loosen up the blockage more than they do to thoroughly clean the colon and digestive tract.


On the other hand, the types of colon products attempting to distinguish laxatives from actual cleansing formulas tend to be myopic by design. In other words, colon cleanses might include more moderate doses of fiber coupled with vitamins or minerals. Alternately, some colon therapies use various herbs to attempt a colon cleanse.


In light of these shortcomings, the public has pushed for safe and gentle colon cleanse remedies that can produce a complete cleanse effectively, without causing harm. In addition, the sharp rise in the number of people with colon health problems has been mirrored by a steady increase in the number of people with overall intestinal health issues or concerns with the digestive tract. This has led to an interest in broad spectrum solutions that can flush the entire system. Moreover, it seems everyone knows someone who has gone in for colonoscopy recently. Fears surrounding these types of invasive procedures have prompted many to prefer a product that is safe enough to be taken consistently on an ongoing basis for maintenance purposes.


This wish list of features and benefits in an ideal colon cleanse product was further added to by the growing number of health conscious individuals. More and more, people are becoming aware not only of their food supply and sources, but also of other factors that impact their health. Not surprisingly, these days the public by and large demands all-natural ingredients without any added noxious substances. Talbert stated:


“After our extensive market research, we knew we had a very demanding checklist. That’s why we rigorously pursued Eden’s Total Cleanse product. We knew the savvy consumers we tend to attract would not want to pick and choose or settle for linear approach. The triple action, three-way cleaning properties of the fiber, thermogenic, and herbal ingredients in Total Cleanse were exactly what we would’ve selected if we were custom formulating our own product. The fact that it was all natural, made in the USA, and designed for continued use as a supplement sealed the deal for us, and we knew the fastest way to deliver what our customers were looking for was to use our marketing channels to distribute Eden’s product cost effectively to consumers on Amazon.”


The company has a $7.77 sale price promotion page:


Shoppers need only use the following Promo Code during the checkout process: 777PRTC7

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