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(Newswire.net — August 13, 2014)  Commando SEO an established leader in SEO Software today announced the launch of a new software program for webmasters, bloggers and marketers that publishes pre-recorded videos to Google Hangouts on air.


Tony Hayes who specializes in Search Engine Optimization started Commando SEO several years ago in order to feed his passion of creating the best SEO software’s available in the world. Tony said  “I had always felt I needed better tools in order to accomplish my goal of dominating the search engines at will and there just were none that met my expectations. So I began creating my own.” Tony added “YouTube SEO has always been a favorite of mine and when I saw the opportunity to make a tool that could publish to Google Hangouts I had to get my team to build it”

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Tony as owner of Commando SEO, said “Hangout Publisher Commando” should work the best for ranking Videos in YouTube. Its a well established fact that Google Hangouts rank faster and better than the normal YouTube video.” Tony also says “This is a one of a kind opportunity to outrank pretty much any YouTube video out there. Just choose your niches.”  Tony added “There is no tool available in the world that does what Hangout Publisher Commando does so there is a real advantage there! It will be some time before the YouTube community catches on and in that time with a little SEO knowledge you can literally take the niches you want without opposition”

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Article by:  Robert Stone

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