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( — August 13, 2014) Ballynahinch, Down — Following it’s huge global success in Facebook the I Love Shih Tzu’s Facebook page is the Number 1 (at the time of writing) Facebook page all about the Shih Tzu breed of dog.


Phil Carrick, founder of I Love Shih Tzu and creator of it’s associated website told us “The I Love Shih Tzu Facebook Page started out initially as a bit of a laugh, because my wife and I had just bought a gorgeous Shih Tzu dog that we names Suzi. We started the Facebook page and started posting pictures and the page started to grow.  People then started to share photo’s and video’s of their Shih Tzu and it just took off naturally.”


Phil added “Our little Suzi became pregnant and gave birth to gorgeous puppies. We started sharing photo’s of the big day and before we knew it the Page had grown to over 100,000 Fans across the globe, and people were joining the page at a rate of about 500 per day, it was going mad! 


In late July 2014 with the Facebook page reaching nearly 300,000 Fans the idea of having an intuitive website was born out of the sheer popularity of the Facebook Page. Dog owners in general, but especially Shih Tzu dogs owners were crying out for it, so we got to work and after long nights and lots of new design skills to master the website was created.


We started out just by posting funny video’s, nutrition, Shih Tzu grooming tips and we recently ran a contest to say thank you to all of our Facebook Fans. The website exploded, people were sharing links, commenting on posts and we had hundreds sign up for our Free contest. This is a real community full of people who are passionate about their dogs and the feedback that we have received about the website has been fantastic.


“Although the website is called it was born out of the love for Shih Tzu dogs through our Facebook Page, so we are going to keep a large percentage of the topics based on this breed” says Phil.


“We want this website to be interactive just like the Facebook Page, so we will be having regular Free Competitions, an ‘Ask The Experts’ section and we will be interviewing top personalities in the doggie world. We’re really excited to be working with some of the top pet professionals in the world and can’t wait to share their experience and tips on the website”


Phil doesn’t forget that this website was created out of the love of the I Love Shih Tzu Facebook Page and wants the website to be built around what people want. “Many of the Facebook Fans have told us what they want on the website so we delivered. We want this site to be build around what people want and we would encourage everyone to let us know what they want to see and we’ll try our very best to make it happen”.


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Image Source: Russ Sanderlin, Flickr

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