Announces Bonuses for New Diet Program Launch

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( — August 13, 2014)  — Roche Caiman, Seychelles — today released a preliminary review of the Metabolic Fat Factor and announced several bonuses for customers who purchase the program through the site. 

Metabolic Fat Factor is a new weight loss program by Ray Jeffrey that is scheduled to be launched to the public on Tuesday, August 19th, 2014.  The program is designed to address several perceived flaws in existing weight loss programs. 


According to Mr. Jeffrey, “The reason most crash diets rarely work is because nobody can eat tasteless food all their life! It starves your body, and most importantly, it kills your muscle mass and fat-burning enzymes. No wonder most people hate to go through another crash diet after they’ve been through it just once.” highlights some of the selling features of the new diet in its Metabolic Fat Factor review.  It also plans on updating the review with additional details following the official product launch. 


For people who purchase the Metabolic Fat Factor through one of the links on the site, they can redeem some free bonuses meant to help aid people in losing weight.  These bonuses include, “Goal Planning Strategies That Truly Work” and “Procrastinating Your Procrastination.” 


The bonus offers are premised on the idea that most diets fail because people do not take action on what they know they need to do to slim down.  According to the site, “Vanquishing procrastination and goal setting is important if you want to succeed at any activity, including weight loss.” 


Details on how to claim the bonuses are available from the website.  For more information, go to