Tube Viper X Review Now Helps Users Succeed in Video Marketing

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An Internet marketing product has been launched that is non-technical and enables anyone to navigate its simple interface. Tube Viper X, an Adobe Air app, is designed to increase the rankings of videos.


As Google has hidden keyword tags, the application can retrieve them to enable users to conduct effective online research into competitors.


The product can extract keyword date directly from the Google keyword planner tool. Users can examine videos ranking on the search engine and see ad money data.


It also allows users to perform channel analytics, track video rankings, and manage multiple account logins. Up to 100 of the top ranking videos are visible and their stats such as views, comments, and likes.


Various ranking factors can be exported as an Excel spreadsheet to aid in other initiatives such as content writing.


Video Filtering, Analysis, and Much More


Also unique is the ability to filter video results. Users can choose to filter by rank, ratings, categories, publish date, and specific words.


With the Tube Viper X, it becomes clear that the following tasks become much simpler:


1. SEO analysis: The software provides a view of videos targeting particular keywords. Video page rank, channel authority, and other SEO factors can be easily broken down. See which videos are actually getting views, and view a full count of backlinks.


2. Channel analysis: Any public video on a YouTube channel can be seen just by entering the username or using the auto-fill function. This enables one to brainstorm ideas just by analyzing different competitor channels, to enhance video marketing efforts.


3. Keyword analysis: The application allows users to enter just one seed keyword, and provides up to 800 keyword ideas, even long tail keywords.


A Feature-Packed Keyword Research Tool


In addition to SEO tools, Tube Viper X provides even more features to make the process easier.


1. Help system: An onboard video help system provides information on features, with help videos in high resolution.

2. Rank tracking: An Advanced Rank Tracker finds where user or competitor videos rank on Google, Yahoo Search, or YouTube. These results can be saved as spreadsheets, while ranks are stored in history format. Colorful charts are also available.

3. Commenting: Through an unlimited number of accounts, integrate keywords retrieved from Adwords and add them to YouTube comments. The app also provides access to the YouTube message system to contact channel owners.


The product is ideal for business owners, marketing consultants, plus video and affiliate marketers.


Tube Viper X is available for $27 (lite version) to $37 (pro version) and comes with a second license, lifetime updates, and access to a live video speed ranking class.


It also comes with a 100% risk-free money back guarantee.


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