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( — August 19, 2014) Los Angeles, CA — Women wanting to lose weight or simply tone their body from head to toe all in the comfort of their own home will want to pay attention.  Julie Schoen, best-selling fitness writer and author of the popular Get In Shape series on Amazon, knows how to get women the results they want.  Her book, Get In Shape With Kettlebell Training, part of the four-book Get In Shape series published by Little Pearl Publishing, will be free Tuesday August 19th through August 20th on

Because of their versatility, portability, and affordability, Kettlebells have become increasingly popular over the last several years.  A favorite of trainers because it’s a functional way to lift weights, Kettlebells are used by celebrities, models, and athletes to quickly get the results they want.  

The functionality of Kettlebells make them great for improving or recovering range of motion while also increasing flexibility, something normal weights can’t do.  Using Kettlebells requires more active movement than traditional weights, which is why they are more effective at not just building strength, but endurance too.

Schoen recommends that most women have two sets of Kettlebells, a heavier set and a lighter set, to allow adaptation in each exercise.  Schoen personally uses a 15-pound and a 7-pound set, which she says allows her to choose whether she wants to get a cardiovascular workout with several reps of the lighter weight or challenge or weight threshold with the heavier set.

Readers love Get In Shape With Kettlebell Training because it provides them with three different workout plans, ranging from ten to thirty minutes, making sure that there is a specific plan that can work no matter what the day looks like.

Workout from home, at work, or on the road, Kettlebells are the best way to get in shape fast! Customers can check out the book on Amazon now and get a free copy!




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