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Acne is an annoying problem to have. One reason is that everyone can see it. The other reason is that many people think it is caused by dirty skin. But, there are a lot of homeless folks that go around with visible dirt, and they don’t have acne.

Science has now found a link between acne and dirt, but it is the dirt inside your body, not on the outside. One of my instructors stated that all skin eruptions are caused by the body trying to push toxins out through the skin. Some people claim that hormones are to blame. This can be linked to the toxicity concept if you think of the body trying to get rid of excess hormones through the skin.

Over the counter medication and antibiotics do nothing for the toxicity level in the body. At best they simply keep the breakouts from becoming infected, therefor they heal faster and aren’t as obvious.

Preventing the breakouts is a different matter altogether. The first step includes cleaning up what you put in and on the body by detoxifying the body. The biggest food culprits are sugars and grains. No wonder teenager are plagued with acne, this is what most of them are surviving on. The other things to consider is what you are putting on the skin. Antibacterial soaps, petroleum based moisturizers and most available makeup are full of toxins. They are adding to the problem, and blocking the pores so the breakouts are bigger and deeper.

Once you quit putting garbage in you can think about getting the built up garbage out of your system.

Thyme can be used topically for both healing the eruptions and detoxifying the skin. Another topical treatment is a combination of mint and turmeric. Juice the mint and mix it with the turmeric, then spread it on the breakouts. It can be rinsed off in just a few minutes. Another topical mix to rinse off is garlic and cayenne pepper. I don’t think this one would smell quite as good as the mint and turmeric, but the concept behind it is the same. Echinacea is an herb that has been found beneficial both when eaten and applied topically.

Many people with acne actually have dry skin. Coconut oil makes a great moisturizer because it is antibacterial, so it will keep any breakouts from becoming infected. Some people like to use ‘toners’ to tighten their skin and give it a really clean feel. Apple Cider Vinegar that has been diluted with water makes a great toner. It is also antibacterial, and well as being slightly drying to get rid of that oily feeling.

Sometimes getting a really good handle on great skin means getting some good bacteria into your system. This can be done through eating some fermented foods. I am not talking about the yogurt in the grocery store. Most of those have so much sugar they would actually make it worse instead of better. I am talking about homemade yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi and other homemade fermented foods. If you want even more, or can’t stomach the fermented foods there are probiotic supplements that can be helpful.

Sleep, sunshine, exercise, water, Omega 3 fatty acids and reducing stress have all been shown to be helpful in the fight against acne. The funny thing is that they have all been shown to be helpful in having a healthy body as well. Maybe we ought to think of the health of our skin as an indicator of the health of our overall body. If the skin is showing signs of toxicity it is telling us that the levels are high enough to be causing problems inside our bodies as well.


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