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( — August 19, 2014) Malibu, CA — As the founders of Creative Care in Malibu, California, Dr. Morteza Khaleghi and Dr. Karen Khaleghi have worked with many clients who are struggling with addiction issues. They have also worked with families who are not sure where to turn for advice on how to help loved ones overcome alcohol and drug abuse problems. Now, the Khaleghis are sharing their wisdom through two books designed to help patients and families who are facing the addiction recovery process: The Anatomy of Addiction and Free From Addiction.


The Anatomy of Addiction details how identifying the root or triggering events for illnesses is key to understanding and gaining control of addictive behavior. Readers can learn how to recognize factors that can escalate addiction in themselves or help loved ones confront painful memories that may be the underlying causes of addiction. Families can learn to change the dynamics that contribute to the addiction cycle.

Free From Addiction addresses the complexities of addiction and its universal impact on people of every culture. This book includes advice on how patients and their families can confront addiction issues and break the cycle of abuse that so often leads to tragedy.
Creative Care in Malibu, California, offers dual diagnosis, as seen at, a method that has met with great success in helping people overcome addictive behaviors. Dual diagnosis includes treating the root causes of addiction such as trauma or abuse or mental issues such as bipolar disorder or depression to create permanent change and true recovery. For more information, see For information on individual and family programs, see

About Creative Care: Unlike many addiction treatment centers that only focus on the addictive behavior, Creative Care believes that there is an underlying reason for addiction and focuses on dual diagnosis methods to uncover the root problems. When treatment focuses on PTSD, bipolar or depressive disorders, it is very likely that the patient will be better equipped to recover and control the addictive behavior in the future. With the help of dual diagnosis and practical applications, patients recover at a higher rate than with traditional addiction treatment.

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