VividLite Helps Mobile DJs Generate Extra Revenue With Wireless Lighting

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( — August 19, 2014) San Juan Capistrano, CA –These fast-charging LED setups allow DJs to charge more for their services by providing the “mood lighting” in addition to the music.


A mobile DJ must invest in a great deal of equipment in order to have a viable business. At a minimum, DJs must have good speakers, the latest technology in music downloaders and players, wiring for all equipment and even a vehicle in which to transport their gear. Now, DJs can expand their setup significantly with the beautiful and versatile wireless LED lighting options available from

VividLite. The addition of these lights will help DJs generate extra revenue and command more money for each event they attend.


At weddings, bar mitzvahs, birthday and anniversary parties, proms and other gatherings, DJs are often called upon to “set the mood.” With the ability to carry a huge repertoire of music on a small device, DJs today are able to adapt at a moment’s notice to an event that features Big Band music as well as one at which the patrons want to dance to R&B or country. However, lighting is often an issue at these events because of the necessity of transporting large amounts of equipment and finding a suitable power source to support these large lights.


Now, thanks to VividLite’s wireless LED options such as the VL3X Wireless LED fixture seen at!/~/product/category=473145&id=24854534 or the VL2S Wireless LED fixture as seen at!/~/product/category=473145&id=25453423, DJs can instantly set up quality lighting with cool, low-energy-usage LED lights. Wireless with remote control capabilities, these lights are extremely easy to operate, even for a busy DJ, and offer the most beautiful and versatile light found anywhere.


DJs who are interested in VividLite’s products can visit the company’s website at


About VividLite: VividLite is a company that produces wireless LED fixtures in a wide range of colors for lighting of ballrooms, landscapes, homes and other areas. With quality light products for both professionals and non-professionals alike, the company’s LED fixtures are extremely easy to set up and operate and handle a variety of lighting applications with up to 15 hours of maximum brightness from high-capacity rechargeable batteries.

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