SOBA CEO and Actor Daniel Baldwin Produce the “Best Recovery Film of All Time”

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( — August 22, 2014)  — Actor/ Director Daniel Baldwin, SOBA Texas CEO, Greg Hannley and SOBA Texas Vice President Alex Draghici, have created an award winning and highly acclaimed motion picture called “The Wisdom to Know the Difference” which is the “Best Recovery Film of All Time” according to the New York Times.

Wisdom” as it’s called, directed by and starring Daniel Baldwin recently won Best Picture and Best Original Song at the acclaimed Manhattan Film Festival, Best Picture Jury Award and Best Picture Audience Award at the San Antonio Film Festival, and Best Picture, Best Editing, Best Original Song and Best Supporting Actress at the Long Beach International Film Festival.


Wisdom also stars William Baldwin, Lou Diamond Phillips, Mayra Leal and SOBA CEO, Greg Hannley’s daughter Hannah Lee Hannley in her first film.  The core story line of Wisdom is about a young girl, Hope, played by Mayra Leal, who’s struggling with addiction, and Bob, played by Daniel Baldwin, who kidnaps Hope to force her to detox from heroin.

Daniel Baldwin Describes his Acclaimed Film “The Wissom to Know the Difference”

Baldwin describes the movie as “lightly based on characters he’s met in his own journey to sobriety”; he is a very proud SOBA client and has openly revealed several times, he had “9 failed attempts at [other] rehabs”, prior to connecting with SOBA and his friend and mentor Greg Hannley.  He and Greg have appeared together on Larry King Live and other venues; Daniel regularly refers others to SOBA, once imploring Charlie Sheen in a Fox News national television interview to “call Greg Hannley”.

Daniel Baldwin, Greg Hannley and Miss USA Tara Conner on Larry King Live

Wisdom was filmed in San Antonio and during filming and post production, Daniel Baldwin and Greg Hannley were interviewed on the feature show News 4 “San Antonio Living.” From that interview, came the idea of expanding one of the most successful drug and alcohol treatment centers in California, SOBA Malibu, and opening SOBA Texas, a drug rehab in San Antonio.


In addition to being one of the most recognized experts in the nation on addiction, Greg Hannley has been a producer on 16 films and one television mini series.  Regarding the critical acclaim and awards Wisdom received, Greg had the following to say.  “I’m thrilled.  It was a pleasure to contribute to this film; with the passion Daniel and the crew had for this story, I thought it would be well received. But to win Best Picture in Manhattan and San Antonio as well as having the New York Times call you the “Best Recovery Film of All Time” is beyond what I could have imagined.  The primary goal for everyone however was that if the movie could reach one more person and save one more life that would be the biggest reward we could receive.”


“Wisdom” Trailer

Although SOBA offers “celebrity type care” people like Daniel Baldwin love, their services are available to anyone as they accept standard PPO health insurance including, Cigna, Value Options, Aetna, United Health Care and others.


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