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(Newswire.net — August 26, 2014) Chino Hills, CA — Filing and serving legal documents is required by law each time someone sues someone else, whether a small claims, contract dispute, medical malpractice or divorce case is filed or when any legal action is taken by one party against another. However, lawyers have neither the time nor the inclination to drive to the court to file the required legal documents or find and serve the defendants or witnesses every time a summons and complaint or motion is filed. In the past, legal messengers, overnight mail and local process servers have filled this gap, but today there are easier and better ways to quickly move your legal documents from one location to another to file at an outlying or remote court and serve them on all parties to your legal action. Rapid Legal, Inc., offers same-day court filing and fast service of process options online as well as a fast and easy user-friendly portal where attorneys can place orders within minutes and monitor the status of all their court filings and service of process documents.


When Rapid Legal was founded in 1994, the company was one of many traditional paper-based pickup and delivery firms offering attorneys the convenience of courthouse courier services and process serving without leaving their offices. However, as times have changed and technology has advanced, all courts in California now accept electronic filing through a fax filing agency. Some courts have even adopted and have started to accept e-filings through a certified electronic filing service provider (EFSP), allowing attorneys and parties to file their documents instantly online. Now the challenge has become to build out the required technology and platforms to file and serve these documents even more quickly and efficiently using the latest technology. In 2008, the company revamped its online platform to allow users to order service and upload documents at the same time allowing either to file them electronically directly with the court or the local process server to print and complete the file or serve order more quickly.


Rapid Legal, Inc., also offers same-day process serving anywhere in the United States. Attorneys can upload their legal documents and submit their service of process order online within minutes, choose how to pay for service and can even request Rapid Legal to hand-file important papers such as proofs or affidavits of service in any California court. This company can handle everything from initial filing with any California court to initial process serving to subsequent filing and eService to case participants and other parties of answers, motions and settlement agreements. The online platform also offers the convenience of ordering, tracking and delivery.
Rapid Legal is a one-stop location for every client need, from initial filing to ongoing discovery or settlement documents. Customers can place a filing or service order and upload documents online, use the Orange County e-filing system to receive a case number and enter information about the case, order service to the parties and give details about the case. Once the order is placed, the client can then track the progress of the filing and service online. The company also offers world-class customer support for users who have questions or concerns about online filing or service.


To place an eFiling order in Orange County or more information on Orange County e-filing see http://www.rapidlegal.com/whatwedo/orange-county-efiling.aspx,
For more information about Rapid Legal as one of the few certified ESFPs in the state, see http://www.rapidlegal.com/whatwedo/CAOC_LandingPage.aspx
To place a court filing throughout California or more information on court filing see http://rapidlegal.com/whatwedo/courtfiling.aspx
To place a process serving order or more information on nationwide process serving see http://rapidlegal.com/whatwedo/processserve.aspx
For information on corporations and Secretary of State filing, see http://www.rapidlegal.com/whatwedo/ssfiling.aspx.


About Rapid Legal: Rapid Legal has built a reputation as a reliable source of time-sensitive document delivery, boasting unrivaled accuracy and speed through electronic file and serve technologies.

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