Freddie And Sebbie Come To Parents Rescue With Extra Large Car Trash Bin

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( — August 26, 2014) Las Vegas, NV — 


One forward thinking company recently decided to listen to their Amazon customers before designing their latest car accessory, resulting in immediate successful feedback from parents who had been desperately looking for a way to keep their car interiors 100% clean and tidy.



Official spokesman Mr Neil Speight told me that many parents who had purchased other car accessories for kids from them like “Kick Mats” and “Backseat Organizer” had been calling out for a solution for all the trash that their kids were leaving around the car.


Although there are already car trash bins available on the market, Neil said… “parents were complaining that existing car trash bins just weren’t big enough or stable enough to deal with heavy handed kids, meaning parents were being left with the job of dealing with stains left behind when the trash bin was ever knocked over.”


Mr Speight told me that they put their production team to the test, who in just 3 months were able to produce the Freddie and Sebbie deluxe extra large car trash bin. He said “it has been perfectly designed to fit most vehicles and made to the highest standards in quality, safety and reliability. Apart from that it comes fully leak-proof with 4 solid sidewalls which helps to prevent it from collapsing. Most important of all for our customers was the size of the car trash bin, and our team completed the task by producing the final model with size dimensions 12″ long x 10″ deep x 7″ wide.”


The company spokesman also told me that the car trash bin had been specially designed to remain permanently secure in one position, and that it was very simple and easy to install. He also said… “This trash bin can not only be fitted either on the front or back headrest, but also on the front or back of the bottom of the car seat, giving parents multiple option for storing their trash.”


I asked the spokesman about the Freddie and Sebbie “lifetime no-hassle free replacement guarantee,” and whether it was truly genuine or not, and he replied “All of the Freddie and Sebbie car accessories are made to the highest standards in quality, safety and reliability. If anyone doesn’t believe us, then just read what the verified purchasers are saying about our products on Amazon.”


Freddie and Sebbie have in fact been trading on Amazon for just over a year now, with over 10 products specifically designed for babies and children. Over 1000 product reviews have already been left by happy parents who chose to purchase from Freddie and Sebbie. The complete specifications for their deluxe extra large car trash bin can be seen here:







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