Indoor Air Quality Poses Household Threats

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( — August 26, 2014)  — Many Toronto residents make the effort and investment to better the air quality in their home when the situation is critical. There are on-going means to stay current with industry standards and protect the health of your family. Home and property owners have a variety of options available to minimize air pollution.

The lingering concerns about maintaining a healthy environment at home usually begins by testing and verifying the quality of air. Carbon monoxide, mold, radon and long-term exposure to other toxic cleaners and harmful chemicals including pesticides are typically at the root of the problem. The long term risks of exposure is linked to various diseases and illness.

The most crucial source of potential air quality issues are your heating and cooling systems. Poorly maintained humidification devices and air conditioner and furnace units pose a threat. As the summer winds down and the temperatures begin to drop the recommendation from various heating and air conditioning companies is to schedule an inspection of your furnace system before the first cold night, or temptation to turn the unit on. Stagnant air, dust particles and other issues could have developed over the unit’s dormant period of the summer.

“The summer months are typically the times we re-design or renovate our property in Canada, due to accessibility. Autumn is the furnace maintenance period. If you skip that stage you are very likely to pay for it for the next few months until your system gets looked at.” states Darryl Na, HVAC technician in Toronto, Ontario. “We always recommend AC unit inspections but the furnace we emphasize even more. Natural ventilation is rarely an option in the winter time, when you can crack a window in the summer.”

Unpleasant odours and irritation would be an indicator that your heating system requires inspection, and periodic sounds and unscheduled shut downs means a furnace repair is needed.

“The benefits of improved air quality are tremendous, for health and comfort. In my mind it absolutely outweighs the annual fees of maintenance. Consider it an investment like you would anything else in your home.”


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