Chicago Lawyer Mediates $310K Comp for Cabbie

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( — August 27, 2014) Chicago, IL. — Attorney Scott D. DeSalvo recently took a case for a local taxi cab driver. The driver stepped out of his cab and onto an apartment complex property that was draining a retention pond. Unknown to the driver, the water had escaped onto the blacktop parking lot. This was obviously a foreseeable hazard for not only the driver, but for anyone else that was in the area. The driver fell due to the unseen ice, causing over $70,000 of personal injury medical bills requiring a rod to be inserted into his arm to hold it together. The apartment complex’s insurance company ignored his pleas for compensation.

Enter Attorney DeSalvo, renowned for his ability to recover damages suffered by his clients, even in the biggest and toughest cases. Mr. DeSalvo stated, “the insurance company was adamant, and unwilling to pay for any of my clients damages.” Mr. DeSalvo immediately filed a law suit against the Company. The complaint got the attention of the insurance company, allowing Mr. DeSalvo to skillfully maneuver mediation between his client and the company.


The results of the mediation was compensation of $310,000. “My client was extremely happy with the results,” stated Mr. DeSalvo, “we were happy to help him recover damages that would have otherwise never been paid.”


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