World Renown Energy Healer, Joshua Bloom Launches Weekly TV Show

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( — September 1, 2014) New York, New York –Tuesday, September 2nd is the date of the launch of the innovative new internet TV show, “TheQuantumShift.TV”  It’s first episode will be available Tuesday, September 2, according to the show’s executive producer, Joshua Bloom. During the inaugural season entitled ‘Joshua Bloom’s Stress Solution’, viewers will learn to shift their own stress quickly and many times instantly, with the Quantum Energy Transformation™, and experience a Quantum Shift™.


The show features short fun segments, designed to guide and assist viewers in their transformation and healing. Each episode promises to bring viewers a refreshing and new way to heal daily stresses. Joshua will be sharing techniques, tips and a fun approach, making it easy to learn to use Quantum Energy Transformation™ to heal your daily stresses, so stress no longer stresses you out!


Bloom is an internationally acclaimed and trusted authority on Quantum Healing. He is the Executive Producer of the film, “The Ultimate Answer is Inside™” and has been featured on the front page of The Washington Post. Bloom emphasizes, “Healing starts with Cellular Science …Quantum Healing is based on the most recent research in cellular science, Quantum Physics and energy healing.”

He has been featured internationally on both radio stations and TeleSeminars. Joshua has produced and developed his own certification training program called Come to The Edge!,


The show can be seen at TheQuantumShift.TV. Individuals who experience transformations using these Quantum tools and processes are invited to apply to appear on the show. For more information email:

Joshua invites viewers to learn more about his programs here.

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The Quantum Healing Center is home to Quantum Energy Transformation™ and the birthplace of the movie, “The Ultimate Answer is Inside™.” Founded by World renown energy healing professional and Master Coach Joshua Bloom in 2002, the work of the Center is based on the most recent research in cellular science, Quantum Physics and energy healing, Bloom’s Premier modality, “Quantum Energy Transformation™” (QET) offers a revolutionary and proprietary approach to holistic healing, transformation and evolution. Bloom believes that anything is possible, and experiences the powerful transformations in his classes with his students on a daily basis.

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