New Custom Clubfitting Revelation on Buying Off-the-Rack Golf Clubs

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( — September 2, 2014) Durango, Colorado, August 29, 2014 — What is a golfer’s biggest mistake? A leading golf designer says it’s buying off-the-rack golf clubs. Custom clubfitting is far and away, the most effective way to attain long-term positive results for your golf game.


In an effort to further communicate the importance of avoiding one of golf’s most common mistakes—buying off-the-rack golf clubs from major brand manufacturers—Tom Wishon Golf Technology has produced a special two-minute video that fully explains this fundamental issue. “Buying off-the-rack golf clubs from a major brand manufacturer is one of the worst mistakes a novice, average or proficient golfer can make,” says Tom Wishon, a world authority in golf club design and manufacturing who is credited with more than 50 golf club design “firsts.”



According to Wishon, millions of golfers worldwide regularly buy big-brand golf clubs off the rack in retail stores, pro shops or online, and are left perplexed and disappointed as to why they have not achieved heavily implied improvements in their games. He says it is high time golfers learn why and how professional custom fitting can be such an eye-opening experience. “Hopefully, this video show in no uncertain terms why professional clubfitting is vital to anyone who hopes to play golf to the best of their ability and enjoy the game more fully,” he says. The video can be viewed and downloaded here.


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