Mike Dillard’s New Website Focuses on Helping Entrepreneurs Become Successful

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(Newswire.net — September 4, 2014)  Mike Dillard started out working from a rented apartment with no more than a bed, his computer, and a desk to work on. Barely able to scrape up enough money for his three hundred dollars a month rent he set one life goal for himself. He, just like many other entrepreneurs, struggled at first to meet his financial expectations and worried about his future. Being stressed out working for a struggling company required him to change his mindset and used the goal he had set to motivate him. Today he shares his business experiences and entrepreneurial expertise in a new video series called “Build Your Business, Build Your Wealth, Live Your Dream“.

Mike Dillard started his first company, Magnetic Sponsoring, as a way to teach entrepreneurs in the network marketing industry, how to build their businesses using modern, online marketing techniques. It stemmed from a book written but Mike Dillard that revolutionized the industry, went on to sell over one hundred thousand copies, and grew into an eight figure company. This all began just three years after he was living in his unfurnished apartment. He retired from direct selling in 2010 and founded another company called “The Elevation Group” to pursue a passion for financial education and investing. This company has generated over fifty thousand clients in more than sixty countries around the world. Recently, as a result of that company’s success he was introduced to Tiger21 and was asked to found the Austin Chapter in 2014. Combined, his businesses have produced more than $50 Million in revenue without outside funding. Mike Dillard’s success has not made him forget times when he struggled as an entrepreneur and this is what drove him to create his new website. 

MikeDillard.com was recently launched so he could dedicate his time to mentoring other entrepreneurs on business development, marketing, and investing, so they can have the greatest success possible. The video series titled “Build Your Business, Build Your Wealth, Live Your Dream” has just become available and can be accessed for free through the website or on Mike’s YouTube channel. These videos are exceptionally valuable for entrepreneurs who want to build their business and wealth all while avoiding the common pitfalls that many people experience. Mike’s expertise and experience is irreplaceable and is considered one of the best educators on the topic.


Visit MikeDillard.com today to learn more about what he offers and for instant access to his new videos.