Andy Shaw Reveals How To Never ‘Work’ A Day In Your Life Ever Again!

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( — September 5, 2014) Steyning, West Sussex — 


Whether it’s Craigs list, Indeed jobs or even Steve Jobs who has helped people to find employment, people’s decision of career change is not always the right choice.



Well one man who believes he knows the answer to making the right choice is UK international speaker and best seller author Mr Andy Shaw, who is currently re-launching his “The Bug Free Mind Process,” which already has a large following from over 110 countries worldwide.


Andy says that most people would say their primary goal is to make enough money to retire, though this is the goal of an unsuccessful person who would always remain unsuccessful, as this type of mindset is just not a wealthy one. He went on to say… “If you want to ever become successful then you are going to have to learn the state of your mind behind creating such a pathetic goal.”


He then quoted what his father-in-law used to say to him, who said “Don’t work so hard, you’ll burn yourself out. Take some time off and enjoy yourself.” Andy differed, and said “he saw work as something you had to do, whereas to me work was something I chose to do.” He then referred back to his father-in-law and said… “His hobby is model railways, and one day just after he repeated this line to me I said to him, would you ever burn yourself out playing with your trains? Who replied, Of course not, it’s my hobby.So I said, Well this is mine. At that point he understood and has never said it again. So you want a career change into a ‘job’ doing what you love.


Mr Shaw explained that this was what he really meant by never having to ‘work’ again. “Successful people do what they do because they love it, whatever it is. Successful sports stars never want to stop playing the game unless it has stopped being a game to them. If it was still a game then they would probably wish to play until a ripe old age. Successful people do not want to quit, they do not want to retire so that they can do something else. They are already doing what they want, that is why they are successful people. Doing what you want is living a wealthy lifestyle,” said Shaw.


He finished off by saying… “The secret to not working another day is to figure that out. I laid down the exact process to discovering what you love to do in Using A Bug Free Mind. As it is a process of discovery which enables you to see for the first time as clearly as you saw as a child. When you are ready to stop wanting to retire and ready to start living now, the books are waiting for you. So you really can never work another day in your life. All you have to do is take one of the things you love to do and find a way to make your income out of it… This is basically what successful people do.”


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