Launch of Pay Per Question For Businesses

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( — September 10, 2014) Houston, Texas — A leading business service that provides business owners with a one stop solution to help their business succeed, have launched a service where business owners can ask questions and receive professional answers without paying high retainer fees.


The Pay per question service is exactly what it sounds like. Business owners and business professionals ask a question, and then the business experts such as One Stop Business ( who have a whole range of services which include Business Coaching, Business marketing, Bookkeeping, New Business Formation, and Small Business Accounting will answer the question. This means that people looking for expert advice do not have to leave their business and travel to a professional company for the advice and they do not have to pay high retainer fees. By using the service, the person seeking advice can turn to their computer to gain the advice where it will save them time and money.

Trying to get the right advice can be time consuming and very expensive. When needing important information which includes what business structure best suits the needs of a business and how does a person write a solid partnership agreement are important questions where the answers can be extremely expensive. However, thanks to the Pay Per Questions service these answers are inexpensive.


A spokesman for One Stop Business said: “Corporation start up deserves the best answers you can get for the questions you have. We are trained and ready to help you get it up and running with the minimum expense. Don’t take a chance on faulty information, the answers you need are a just a click away.”


For people who are looking to start up a business and need expert advice without paying high fees, this is a perfect solution. Not only is it a cost effective way from receiving professional advice, it also allows visitors to the site to receive the advice they need in the shortest time possible.



A spokesman for the Pay For Questions service explained they understand the unique needs and desires of the true faith-based ministry start-ups, filled with pitfalls stemming from regulation and snares for the unwary, it sometimes seems a miracle that they can get started at all. They also said they understand that most people who begin a ministry are not trained accountants or lawyers, and although they might have them in their congregation, sometimes it is important to receive more concrete answers than the ones that prayer provides.



Pay per question solutions can be the perfect option for your ministry start up. They can save people time and money, addressing their individual questions without charging for answers they don’t need.


If you have a question and would like a professional answer to help your business succeed, then please visit

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