Scott Tucker Releases Guide To Herbal Supplements

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( — September 10, 2014)  — Herbalist Scott Tucker recently announced a guide to herbal supplements that will be published as an electronic book this summer. Tucker created the encyclopedic guide to herbal supplements as a result of his research on herbs from all over the world.

“Herbal supplements have become an astonishing part of my life. As an herbalist I have studied medicinal plants since my college years, but only a couple of years ago I realized how powerful and healing they can be for all of us. I am happy that all the facts I found out about herbs during my research will finally be available for everyone interested in the topic,” says author Scott Tucker. “Herbs are able to heal almost all diseases, so through my publication, I also want to encourage everybody to use herbal supplements instead of medications, if their condition it allows,” he continues.

Scott Tucker describes in his publication each herb, naming the results to expect, suggesting the administration, dosage and storage and he also points out who should not use the herb under which condition. The encyclopedic guide gives the reader a comprehensive summary and recommendation on a wide range of available herbal supplements. This makes Tucker’s encyclopedic guide a unique source of knowledge both for experts and laypeople. As the topic of herbal supplements has become more interesting for many people, this guide should become a popular source of knowledge.

By Paulette Mullins

About Scott Tucker

Scott Tucker is an amateur herbalist and is well known for his other publications on herbs called “Herbs in the kitchen” and “Bath with herbs”, which are also available as electronic books. His upcoming encyclopedic guide to herbal supplements will be available as an electronic book this summer.