Author Scott Tucker to Speak at Book Launch

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( — September 10, 2014)  — Children’s book author and businessman Scott Tucker will speak at the launching ceremony of “Time Travels of Pink and Purple,” the upcoming Sci-Fi book by Linda Brewster. Scott Tucker will also read selected passages from his works to the audience, which will include sci-fi fans, parents, teachers, and children.

“Linda and I are old friends; we’ve known one another since college. We share similar interests, and writing for kids is just one of them,” Tucker said. “Kids are inquisitive. That’s why it’s important to build an element of discovery and surprise in every story.”

Brewster’s debut novel will introduce her characters Pink and Purple, two friends who travel to different times in the past and future. The book targets young adults and teenagers, and is being published both as an eBook and a traditional book. The author plans to write more books in the Pink and Purple series.

“The characters are, in a way, similar to Chris and Piggy,” says Linda, “except that they appeal to a different age groups. I think kids who liked Chris and Piggy books during their elementary school years old will fall in love with Pink and Purple as they transition into their teen years.”

Scott Tucker is considered an authority on child psychology and development. He is often invited to speak at events involving children. He will share his insights about responsible and pragmatic story-telling for children.

By Paul Osbourne

About Scott Tucker

Scott Tucker is a businessman and visionary involved in multiple commercial and not-for-profit projects. An art fan, writer, and businessman, Tucker is frequently seen at community events and fundraisers. Books, movies, music, and technology are some of Tucker’s favorite areas.