Scott Tucker Announces New Athletic Fields

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( — September 10, 2014)  — Scott Tucker has been involved with athletics since he graduated from high school, starting out as the pop warner coach in Bristol Township. Throughout his career, he has been able to overcome obstacles and has reached many levels of success.

“Determination and discipline are two of the most important attributes that an athlete can have,” Tucker said, “but only with school pride do you learn how to win in a team environment. As the director of athletics, I believe that the new facilities will create a strong sense of school pride throughout the entire body of student athletes.”

The construction is taking place on the south side of the school, behind the current football stadium. In addition to a brand-new football stadium, there will be a field designated for track and field hockey, and an Olympic-size swimming pool for the swim team. Once the new construction is finished, a demolition crew will begin to disassemble the old stadium.

“You have to hand it to Scott Tucker,” says current teacher and football coach, John D’Avicio. “He’s been the brass behind structuring this project, and I’m just as excited for him as I am for the kids.” Coach D’Avicio also went on to say that the new facilities will be embraced by residents from all over town. “When you have as tight of a community as we have, coupled with a strong passion for high school sports, there’s going to be a big impact on every generation.”

With the new facilities scheduled for completion next fall, student athletes and coaches across the district await eagerly for their opportunity to explore their new playground. Every level – from elementary pop warner players to varsity football will have adequate playing time in their new home.

“I’ve been lobbying for this since I took over the director position,” Scott Tucker said. “I cannot begin to express how exciting it is to be having this conversation right now.”

By Edmund Schmidt

About Scott Tucker

Scott Tucker is the director of sports and recreation in Bristol Township Highschool.