Comedian Scott Tucker to Perform in San Diego

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( — September 10, 2014)  — New York based comedy writer and standup comedian Scott Tucker plans a memorable performance at one of the open-mic comedy theaters in San Diego to introduce his edgy brand of comedy to the Californian comedy lovers. Tucker combines self-deprecating jokes with impressions, observations, and one-liners.

“I do comedy because I love to see people laugh,” says Tucker. “That’s the sole motivation, to make people laugh. I wouldn’t be putting myself out there if the reward didn’t feel so amazingly good. Comedians are not that altruistic.”

Tucker writes his own scripts and has become known in the New York underground comedy circles for his surprise performances, which have been described as Jerry Seinfeld meets David Spade. Keeping with his tradition, the artist hasn’t announced a date or venue, though he said it will be in the second week of July.

The performance will open the comedian’s tour of the West Coast, which includes announced performances in San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Several performances will be held in each city. Tucker will pop into an open mic night in each city, along with his scheduled dates.

“I have to monetize my skills at some point in time,” says Scott. “Hopefully people will see my surprise show, and then decide to show up at my next show and actually pay for a ticket.You can’t live off applause, you know.”

Scott’s blend of comedy contains elements from Black, Blue, and Cringe genres, though he regularly switches his style to keep the audience engaged.

By Moses Young

About Scott Tucker

Scott Tucker is a writer, author, and artist from New York who has proven his skills in acting, painting, music, and other performing arts. Comedy is his latest pursuit and he has delivered many planned and impromptu performances in a short time. He is currently writing a script for a comedy movie in which he will also star.