Surrogacy Growth Continues In US And UK Despite Recent Asian Issues

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( — September 11, 2014) Las Vegas, NV — 


The very first surrogacy by egg donation took place in 1985, but by 1986 the controversy began in the USA with the “Baby M” case, after the surrogate and biological mother Mary Beth Whitehead denied custody of baby Melissa to the couple she had made the surrogacy agreement with. Due to that case, commercial surrogacy was virtually wiped off the map for over 2 decades until new legislation began to make it a possible option again. In the UK, just 83 surrogate births were registered in 2010, the year surrogacy for gay couples was first legalized.



In the USA, more states are now jumping on the surrogacy bandwagon with New York state, Minnesota and Washington DC, all having pending legislation which would finally legalize the practice of commercial surrogacy. The new legislation was called for after recent episodes of surrogacy contracts going wrong raising matters for concern. The plight of “Baby Gammy” made world-wide headlines in July after an Australian couple that had gone to Thailand, decided to reject a boy that had been born with Down syndrome, but decided to keep his healthy twin sister.


Laws in the USA do vary a great deal regarding surrogacy, whether paid or unpaid, with states like Arizona banning any such arrangements. Others like Nevada and New Hampshire does allow surrogacy, but with certain stipulations, such as only receiving payment for covering expenses. In Nevada, Surrogacy is also a legitimate option for single and gay men and women, who until very recent times were denied the chance of forming their own family. Surrogacy experts from The Fertility Center of Las Vegas; which has been ranked among the top centers in the United States based on its fertility success rates by the Society of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (SART), were pioneers for helping gay couples through surrogacy.


With so much confusion surrounding surrogacy right now, surrogacy experts are broadcasting a free 60 Minute Webinar on surrogacy in the USA, helping to answer all of the legislation questions people may have right now. A Surrogacy Experts spokesman said regarding surrogacy today, a gestational carrier can be a family member, a friend or a compensated or non-compensated volunteer. He went on to say “The creation of families through surrogacy is one of the most important services offered by The Fertility Center of Las Vegas. By using a gestational carrier, we are able to provide anyone the opportunity to achieve parenthood using their own sperm and/or eggs.”


Regarding gay and single men the spokesman said “A gestational carrier is an excellent option for single men and gay families looking to create their families. At The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, we assist with every aspect of the process. From finding the surrogate, finding the appropriate legal guidance for the home state or home country, use of donor egg and/or donor sperm, patient screenings through to conception, our team of surrogacy and legal experts will walk you through each step of the process so that you can focus on your new family.”


Here are two testimonials that appear to make surrogacy a dream come true experience… “There are no words to describe how grateful we are for everything you have done for us. We are very happy seeing our little miracle grow and excited to finally hold him/her in November.” – The C. Family.


“My son is now 3 months old and I still find myself in awe of this miracle! To say thank you sounds too little compared to what you have done for us. You are the most competent doctors I have met!” – MB


The 60 minute webinar called “surrogacy in the USA” is available to anyone who has questions that need answering. Space is limited so booking early is advisable. The next webinar begins on Tuesday, September 16th and will discuss details about the pathway to parenthood from start to finish and will include questions and answers about surrogacy.







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