At War With the Islamic State

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( — September 15, 2014) Haymarket, Virginia –Finally the Pentagon and White House have admitted that the United States is “at war” with the “Islamic State,” which is sometimes called ISIS and at other times called ISIL, which has seized large tracts of territory in Syria and Iraq. Prior to this admission Secretary Kerry, a man devoid of a sense of urgency, categorized the Islamic State situation simply as a large scale “counterterrorism “operation.

Really, is he serious? Indiscriminant killers are freely roaming around the Middle East carving people’s heads off with knives and the best our Secretary of State can do is call it some kind of an operation. This is murder, not a computer game and if we aren’t careful the killers will get away scot free because it seems our nation’s leadership hasn’t the stomach for hunting them down, breaking their will, and killing them.

Today it is thought clever and smart to ask, does this solution include “boots on the ground?” Who cares? At a minimum it should include capturing and executing the most evil of killers. If that qualifies as boots on the ground then, “Yes, so be it; we should put boots on the ground.” And we should so terrorize the Islamic State that even the thought of beheading an American would cause them to tremble.” For the U.S. there should be no more groveling at the feet of Islam, or quaking in suspenseful fear as another American head is whacked off.

The Islamic State militants who, because they have yet to fight a first rate military force, appear to go from victory to victory and strength to strength, when they are simply taking advantage of the vacuums others have created. But this is not to denigrate the willingness of Muslim youth, from all over the world, to eagerly volunteer to be recruited to suffer and to die for Islam. The aims and actions of the Islamic State are a mixture of stupidity and evil, even more so than al-Qaeda. Ultimately and unfortunately their defeat will require expenditures of vast quantities of American blood.

Unfortunately the U.S. is currently cursed with a White House and a U.S. Congress that are jammed full of small minded people playing small and smaller parts on the national and international stage. What we really need are leaders for whom doing what is best for the nation is more important than playing politics. We don’t need leaders who will do most anything to escape the responsibility for taking positive and decisive action.

We need leaders who have the ability to inform and educate the American people, to dominate events and bring them to positive conclusions, and not let events dominate them. We certainly do not need the type of leaders who limply approve or go along with what has already been done or approved. Rather, we need leaders who in a crisis will stand up for what is right and whose presence makes a difference. Danger should congregate leaders who can be counted on to do what is right rather than those who just meekly apologize for any and everything. The nation is crying out for leaders for whom doing what is best for the nation is more important than running a clever political campaign and getting elected.

Americans have no confidence in the unserious president who is now stumbling about the White House and going out of his way to grovel to Islam, and they thoroughly distrust the foreign policy establishment this president has assembled in the White House, State Department and at the Pentagon, especially at this time when we are forced to fight to save the world from terrorist organizations such as the Islamic State whose evils have been loosed in Syria and Iraq.

The world’s civilizations now face the inhumane evils of Islam at its very worst and are being attacked by masses of Muslim terrorists of confirmed unreachability, terrorists who take great pleasure out of practicing perverted torture and terror that compels defenseless innocents, especially Christians, to submit to the tenants of godless Islam and degenerate Sharia law or to be killed. Should the Islamic State be successful in its crusade to conquer the Middle East and European civilizations, who will be next? Will it be Africa or China or perhaps, South or Central America?

One thing is clear worldwide, Islam is evil and it is at war with civilized countries such as the United States. To make matters worse, at every opportunity Muslim youth are signing up to fight against the U.S., and our feckless and indifferent national leaders seem to be unable to handle this routine challenge.


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Jerry Curry is a retired Major General having enlisted in the U.S. Army as a Private to fight in the Korean War who worked his way up through the enlisted and officer ranks. Curry served as a Military Assistant Secretary of Defense in the Carter Administration, Acting Press Secretary to the Secretary of Defense in the Reagan Administration, and Administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety in the Bush senior Administration. He is the recipient of too many awards and decorations to list, including the “Secret Service Honor Award,” the “Washingtonian of the year Award”.

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