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Frank Sturtevant Waterman III, a West Chatham, MA and Stuart, FL resident and patriarch of a family that has both experienced and impacted the growth of America, had mulled this book in his head for several decades.  After three years of research and compilation, “378 Years in America. The Watermans from 1636, The Funeral Business from 1832 and the Future of America in the New World” has been published by Bespoke History of Sturbridge, MA and is available as a handsome, 136 page, fully illustrated, full color book.

The book is available for $60 via Bespoke History.  Visit BespokeHistory.com or contact Tom Hostage at Tom@BespokeHistory.com, (508) 254-5442.

Frank Sturtevant Waterman III is fourteen generations removed from the first Waterman to arrive in America.  Robert Waterman sailed to the New World in 1636 aboard the Sparrow, which left the same Dutch port city from which the Pilgrims sailed in 1620.

Joseph Sampson Waterman established one of the earliest funeral service operations in the mid-19th century.  The Waterman Funeral business, with locations throughout Greater Boston, was among the most highly regarded in the country. Frank Sturtevant Waterman III was the last Waterman to serve as president of the business.

The volume chronicles not only a family and business history, but societal history as well.  The book concludes with Frank Sturtevant Waterman III’s message about the crisis of our current times and his hopes for a bright future.

Author Frank Sturtevant Waterman III was born in Boston in 1921 and grew up in Chestnut Hill, MA.  He was educated at the Rivers School, Nobles and Greenough School, Harvard College, Babson Institute of Business Administration and New England Institute.

As an entrepreneur in his own rite, Frank not only served as the CEO and Director of J.S. Waterman and Sons, but was a general partner of Waterman Realty Management.

At 92 years of age, Frank Sturtevant Waterman III has a colorful history and many insights to share with the reader.  A lifespan of more than nine decades has overlapped with the better part of the American Century, a period when this nation rose to become a beacon for the rest of the world: a symbol of the triumph of good over evil; liberty over tyranny; faith over cynicism.

Frank’s life and observations yield a message to this great country about the crisis of our times: the waning light of American Exceptionalism. It is an especially timely message as we approach the 2014 mid-term elections.

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