Wink Jones of Contributes to the Fight against Polio

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( — September 16, 2014) Boise, ID — Local CZ jewelry entrepreneur and designer Wink Jones has enjoyed great success in the business world. Now, having recently been elected to the position of Sergeant at Arms in his local Rotary Club, Jones hopes to put this success to good use by donating to the worldwide battle against polio.

Though it has been eliminated from the developed world, there are still countries where people (mostly children) are killed or crippled by polio. The Rotary Club is working to eradicate this disease through a project called PolioPlus. The Rotary Club has donated over $850 million towards this cause, and Jones is an enthusiastic proponent and contributor.

This mission has personal stakes for Jones. He came of age during a time when polio was all too common in the United States. He knows people who have been forced to live in iron lungs because of the disease. Having seen such pain firsthand, Jones is dedicated to ensuring that nobody else has to suffer in this way.

Jones has been a Rotarian for 35 years. Membership has shaped both his personal and his professional outlook. “I inculcate the principles of the Rotary Club in my business,” says Jones. A fluent Portuguese speaker, Jones frequently attends cultural exchanges in Brazil. Travels and experiences such as these have given Jones a global perspective that both helps and inspires him in the fight against polio.


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