How Moms In Virginia Are Raving About Mommy Makeover Surgeries

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( — September 18, 2014) Fairfax, VA — When a mother decides to get a breast augmentation surgery, she often assumes that will be the only plastic surgery procedure in her future. Sometimes though they find out that this is just the beginning of a transformational journey they are starting to regain the look and feeling they had before pregnancy and being a mommy. Often times a mother knows her original breast back and that’s that, but mother everywhere are finding this is just the start of the trend that is sweeping the nation.


They soon find that something like breast implants or a breast lift will lead into a tummy tuck, and then move on to restoring other parts of the body and skin which were affected by the pregnancy and after effects of breast feeding. The younger mothers of today differ greatly from their mothers in every way. They listen to different more upbeat music, wear more youthful clothing, dine at more modern restaurants and want to keep an overall feeling of youngness. This is why so many of them are opting for mommy makeovers to get back their bodies which give them a young look and feel and get their clothes fitting the way they want them to once again.


By the looks of it more and more young women are getting plastic surgery enhancements. The numbers given by the American Society of Plastic Surgery show that 36% of the more than 9.9 million patients who have surgical procedures and near non-invasive cosmetic treatments are getting more and more prevalent in women under the age of 30.


They have also shown that the two most sought after procedures are in fact breast augmentation surgeries and tummy tucks. Both of these treatments are the number one and two operations done when a mother is getting a surgical makeover. Another cosmetic surgery which is more popular than ever is genitoplasy, a procedure in which modifications are made to the labia, labia majora, and other parts of the vagina.This has even been showcased in the like of Vogue magazine as well as all of the other aspects of the makeover.


The entire case shows that patients of plastic surgery are getting younger every year and that post pregnancy mothers are also deciding to opt for plastic surgery vs. strict diet and exercise alone to get back the bodies they had before pregnancy. Mothers everywhere are opting for these procedures first and foremost to get back their bodies, but are finding that the procedure improves every area of their life. They are seeing an improvement in confidence and self-esteem as well as a raise in energy levels.


Another benefit seems to be increased sexual energy and performance as well as a new sense of feeling more attractive. They are also feeling a healthier relationship with their significant other, as well as a deeper connectedness and love for their own self. The benefits of the plastic surgery procedures seem to have very little to know setbacks and are now changing the lives of millions of women across the country.


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