Marko Rubel Encourages Investment in Rebounding Real Estate Market

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( — September 22, 2014) San Diego, CA –According to Marko Rubel, one of the nation’s foremost real estate investment experts, the time to act in the real estate market is now. “Whatever you buy now, it is almost guaranteed to be worth much more five years from now,” says, Mr. Rubel, the creator of the Unlimited Funding Program and noted expert for many years on making money in the real estate market.


According to Marko Rubel, as seen at, there are three important reasons that the present is one of the best times in recent history to buy property as an investment. First, the real estate market is rebounding in many areas. Now that foreclosed property inventories are down, it is very possible that there could even be bidding wars for many properties in desirable locations. Mr. Rubel points out that most areas have reached the bottom of their downward property value spiral and are beginning their ascent once again. The sooner an investor purchases property, the more gain he or she stands to realize.


Second, Mr. Rubel predicts that high inflation is on the way. Real estate is known to be a reliable hedge against inflation and may help insulate an investor from plunging dollar values. By investing in real estate, Mr. Rubel notes, investors who have not taken the opportunity to buy gold can still find protection against inflated dollar values.


Finally, low interest rates have created high cash flow. Because lenders are so eager to lend money, it is possible to invest for many who may have had trouble when interest rates were higher.


Marko Rubel notes, “Investing in real estate can be your path to wealth. However, it is important that you understand the risks as well as the correct way to go about investing in real estate.” Mr. Rubel offers advice through his website at and support through social media at


About Marko Rubel: Marko Rubel, as seen at, is the creator of the Unlimited Funding Program. As an innovative business model for real estate investing, the Unlimited Funding Program offers help for those who want to learn how to invest in real estate but do not have a large cash down payment or traditional financing. Mr. Rubel explains everything in his program and includes a free webinar training session as well.


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