CAREIG Opens Up the Central American Real Estate Market

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( — September 23, 2014) Santa Ana, San Jose Province — The Central America real estate market is one with significant potential and very little in the way of actual development. CAREIG (Central America Real Estate Investment Group) aims to better utilize this market by making it easier for investors to get involved.

One of CAREIG’s goals is to create a standardized system for local real estate investment. There’s no equivalent of the MLS in Central America real estate. Local real estate attorneys can charge whatever they see fit. This makes it much more difficult for foreign investors. CAREIG has addressed the problem by establishing a network of trusted attorneys who use a consistent and transparent pricing system.

CAREIG often deals in large-scale projects, and specifically caters to professional investors. Central America is rich in natural resources, including drinkable water—which experts say will soon be more valuable than gold or oil.

It is for this reason that CAREIG has opened up an H2O property in Costa Rica that will soon host a water-bottling plant. An H2O property is any property that includes a water feature. The feature in this particular case is a natural spring. CAREIG is currently giving investors the chance to put money into this venture, and benefit from the plant’s residual income.

CAREIG has experience in dealing with specialized properties like the above. These include prepper properties, which are sold to doomsday preppers who want land on which they can be self-sufficient. There is also multipurpose real estate, which enjoys beneficial tax exemptions.

By setting up a more reliable market and dealing in valuable properties, CAREIG has created a fantastic opportunity for investors. Through these efforts, CAREIG plans to revolutionize the Central America real estate market.


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