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( — September 25, 2014)  Albuquerque, New Mexico Santa Fe, NM — In 2012 a husband and wife team with a diverse background in business, marketing, education, and fitness created Little Pearl Publishing, an Internet based digital book publisher, in order to afford them both the opportunity to stay home full time with their soon to be born son.  Now parents of two, the successful New Mexico based company has surpassed the couple’s expectations.  Seeing the opportunity to secure money for their growing family and new business endeavors after initially being contacted by investors last fall after a popular press release, Little Pearl Publishing is now being listed for sale with hopes of finding a new owner by the end of the year.

Julie Schoen, one of the owners of Little Pearl, has devoted herself to not only growing the business, but also to setting it apart from the competition.  Unlike most digitally focused book publishers, Schoen prides herself on quality and content, which is why she has set the standards high for those she decides to work with.  Of the seventy plus titles that the company has published since 2012, Schoen has had her hand in every one and has solely authored nearly thirty books.

Schoen attributes part of her determination to succeed to a friend her and her husband lived with for a summer in San Francisco.  That friend just so happened to be the former vice president of Random House in New York.  “She was so excited about what we were doing, about entering this new realm of publishing, that you couldn’t help but to get excited.  Her enthusiasm was contagious,” says Schoen.

The husband half of the team, Brandon Schoen, is a digital marketer and entrepreneur who has been working professionally online since 2008.  An entrepreneur at heart (he started a successful company at just fourteen), Brandon has helped the company develop a strong online presence and unique competitive advantage through smart SEO, marketing campaigns, copywriting, and a tight-knit network of some of the world’s best and brightest in the world of digital publishing.  Needless to say all of this has kept Little Pearl’s books head and shoulders above the competition.

With new titles published every month since its creation, several of which have topped best-selling lists and broke promotional records, Little Pearl has caught the eye of several industry leaders, including players at companies such as Penguin, Random House, and Gaiam.  Schoen regularly fields emails from people interested in partnering with her successful company, all of whom are stunned when they find out that the company only has two full-time employees, Schoen and her husband.

And while the company’s books continue to be successful, ranking highly amongst their competition both on Amazon and other Internet sites, the owners have decided to sell the company in order to pursue new endeavors, which, for Schoen, include focusing on being a full-time mom and yoga instructor.  

“There is so much potential in this market, so it’s hard to let it go,” says Schoen when asked about selling her company.  “But I don’t want to see it do anything less than its best, which is why I’m excited to get it in the right person’s hands,” she says.  

For a potential buyer, the investment is excellent.  Not only does the company’s seventy titles continue to bring in monthly revenue without having to lift a finger, the untapped potential Schoen talks about is real.

Amazon, the home to all of Little Pearl’s digital titles, was last reported to have an active user base of 244 million; 17.4 million of those customers use Kindles.  Amazon customers are not only among some of the most loyal, but the company itself has earned a reputation for incredible marketing and re-targeting capabilities.  All of which means that books, such as those published by Little Pearl, have an enormous captive audience, and it’s only expected to get bigger.

“We have made $10,000 in a month with these books,” says Schoen.  By increasing advertising to current titles and adding new titles in growing markets, Schoen believes the company will not only generate $10,000 per month consistently, but could easily double that in a matter of months.  

And with little to no cost for goods (the books are digital or printed on demand), there is money to be made.

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