The Toothboss issues “report cards” to new patients

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( — September 24, 2014) Weymouth, MA — Dr. Richard Wolfert, DMD has always considered education to be a primary focus of exams for his dental patients. So while patients do not have to study for exams with the South Weymouth dentist, new patients will receive a “report card” following an initial visit as part of Wolfert’s new patient service.

The five-to-seven page report provides a record of “dental fitness” record, complete with photos. The dental fitness record features a periodontal fitness category, which includes a plaque control index and a periodontal bleeding index.

“Our comprehensive exams with new patients and annual ones with existing patients take about an hour. There’s a lot of information being shared with patients and even the best listener is not going to remember it all,” said Dr. Wolfert, whose practice is named The Toothboss, a nickname he picked up in the Navy. “That’s what the report is for, to put all that information in front of them in a written report so they have it both as a record and something to refer back to.”

In addition to dental fitness findings, the report includes a cover letter from Dr. Wolfert with suggestions and recommendations for care between visits to the dentist.  Patients are encouraged to call with questions regarding the report or to schedule follow-up appointments to over any areas of concern.

In addition to new patients, Dr. Wolfert will produce a report for existing patients every five years unless requested for an earlier time period.

“This is a great benefit for new patient but it also provides existing patients with a useful tool, particularly those near retirement age,” said Wolfert. “Having this type of documentation can help people approaching retirement plan their dental work while they still have benefits from their employer.”

In addition to producing the dental fitness report, The Toothboss provides a number of other examinations for new patients. Those include a more complete charting of the gum pockets that surround the teeth, a review of the patient’s health history, a blood pressure screening, and other procedures to complement the normal services provided by The Toothboss’ hygienists.

Dr. Wolfert’s practice is located at 1121 Main Street in South Weymouth, Massachusetts, and accepts most insurance plans. They also accept payment from most PPO and indemnity plans, including Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Delta Dental.   

For more information on The Toothboss, visit Dr. Wolfert’s website at or call 781-335-0604 to schedule a consultation.  

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