Unable to Run Because of Plantar Fasciitis?

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(Newswire.net — September 24, 2014) Darien, CT —  Imagine getting up from a good nights sleep and as soon as you step onto the floor a bolt of pain shoots up your leg. Be glad that only 2 million Americans will get plantar fasciitis in there lifetime. It hurts! There are billions of nerve cells in the feet all connected to the brain. Some are motor nerve cells and some are sensory nerve cells and there is another group that do a little of both sensory and motor functions. So when your dogs are barking it is painful. 2 million people can relate to this. Consider yourself lucky if you do not have this problem.

 Lets begin with some tips on what you can do if your “dogs start barking”. One of the easiest things you can do is to make sure your shoes fit properly. Along with increased waist lines, as we age our feet spread out. The arch starts to break down actually flattening it out. When this happens the toes get cramped up into ill fitted shoes. The tight fit puts pressure on the small muscles on the bottom of the foot. Blood flow is restricted and lactic acid builds up in the foot. Every step makes the condition worse and is painful. Ask a shoe salesman to fit you. This can be a simple fix. Own your new shoe size and forget the pain.

 Before your head hits the pillow you may want to loosen the sheets at the bottom of the bed. If your sheets are too tight it can restrict the feet and cause cramping. As the feet relax during the night or during extended periods of inactivity the foot tightens up. When your feet hit the ground the dogs can be barking quite loudly. Keep the covers loose. Avoid the pain the next morning.

 If these measures do not offer you any relief you may want to try a inexpensive shoe insert. There are many different products out there. Go on Amazon  and look at a brand called Superfeet. They are fairly inexpensive and can give you the support you need to stop the pain associated with plantar fasciitis. These are a great place to start and will not cost as much as custom fitted orthotics from the podiatrist.

 Another suggestion that you may want to consider is to see a chiropractor. There are 27 bones in the feet. They can move out of place putting stress on the plantar surface of the foot. There are chiropractors who specialize in extremity adjusting. This can provide better foot biomechanics that will stabilize the foot decreasing the pain from plantar fasciitis. 

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