Poll Reveals Best Network Marketing Business Opportunity in USA

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(Newswire.net — September 30, 2014) CairnsQLD —  

The Company is DubLi Inc. and it has structured a very unique business model to increase revenue and expand it’s retail presence and, according to general agreement amongst numerous online marketers has, through it’s innovative online marketing solutions, made it the Best Network Marketing Business Opportunity in USA.


DubLi operates the largest online shopping mall on the planet and attracts Customers by providing [Free] Cash Back rewards through value-based travel, shopping, and entertainment portals to online customers all over the world.


The Company also provides Customers the opportunity to earn extra Cash by simply promoting Dubli’s comprehensive online shopping portal offering access to literally thousands of brand name retail stores.


The Company’s marketing sructure and unique business model combined with Cash Back rewards gives access to significant earnings potential for Customers


The Company recently announced that it has enhanced its Cashback offerings to include several strategic consumer categories which includes insurance, telecommunications and financial services and are available immediately on the US Shopping Mall.

The new categories feature internationally recognized companies including Allstate Insurance, State Farm Insurance, TurboTax, Allianz, T-Mobile and Boost Mobile.



 The Company expects to rollout these new categories to its 10 other local country Shopping Malls worldwide over the next few months. 

Michael Hansen, CEO of DubLi, stated, “Our strategic vision for DubLi has always been to enhance the user experience and offer our customers the ability to earn Cashback on all their online purchases.

These new categories further this vision of solidifying DubLi.com as the global leader in Cashback eCommerce.

These important online categories are a natural extension to increasing the depth and breadth of our Cashback offerings.

We believe the addition of these key categories, prominently featured on the DubLi.com website, offer our customers greater value and incentive to return to our sites for all their online shopping needs.”

DubLi also offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to create their own distributor organizations by joining the DubLi Network. (Dublinetwork.com).

The worldwide network of Business Associates who form DubLi Network, the sales and marketing engine for DubLi.com, generates traffic to DubLi.com by using direct selling to market a variety of memberships and packages.


Following are some quotes from Corporate Review:


“We are pleased to announce that the Corporate Review, hosted by Donald Trump Jr., segment is now available on DubLi TV.


Donald Trump Jr. recently met with Michael Hansen to discuss how DubLi’s business model has enabled it to become among the world leaders in the global Cashback ecommerce market.”


In a press release issued by Corporate Review, JL Haber, Vice President of Programming, expressed his enthusiasm for the DubLi business model stating, “Our economy is becoming increasingly globalized, which means that eCommerce also needs to appeal to a global audience. DubLi is helping to pioneer this sector of the industry and we were eager to speak with them before our audience.”

Interested parties can join the DubliNetwork here (Click on “Join Now” tab):






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