Vital Design Group Expands Packaging Design with Virtual Packaging

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( — October 2, 2014) Southlake, TX –Vital Design Group is a company dedicated to creating quality graphic design in all its products. From marketing flyers to complete brands and identities, the company includes every type of graphic art in its services including 3D photography and website graphics. Now, the company is pleased to announce its partnership and expansion with sister company Virtual Packaging to help create perfect prototype packaging for any industry.


Vital Design is a group of professional package designers and a team who truly cares about their clients. With great customer service, fast turn-around-times, and a commitment to honor all deadlines, Vital Design, located on the web at, has been offering clients the very best in graphic art and packaging design services for nearly a decade.

Now, Vital Design Group is working with sister company Virtual Packaging to create the best possible partnership for packaging design. The opening of a new state-of-the-art photography studio in 2013 has accelerated this process and allows Vital Design to work toward even better product packaging capabilities. Along with Virtual Packaging, Vital Design continues to expand its ability to serve clients with the most forward-thinking packaging available for any product.

About Vital Design Group: Vital Design Group is a partnership that focuses on quality graphic arts for all industries. Vital Design can design any type of art including website graphics and offers a variety of services including quality package design with its sister company, Virtual Packaging. With cutting-edge talents and techniques, the team at Vital Design is up to the task of creating any graphics, packaging and marketing materials a business requires. Since 2005, Vital Design has created quality graphic designs that are internationally recognized in the packaging prototype industry.

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