Gold Star Selections Introduces Liquid Chalk Pens for Enhancing Creativity in Classrooms

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( — October 4, 2014) Caledon, Caledon — Teachers are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to enhance the learning process within the classroom.  Gold Star Selection has sought to meet teachers’ demands by creating a fun replacement to the conventional chalk.  Gold Star Selections recently released Fun Chalk as a fun alternative in the classroom to enhance the success rates of teachers reaching students.


The Fun Chalk Liquid Chalk Pens are specially created to be used on non-porous boards and blackboards, as well as whiteboards, mirrors, plastic, vinyl and tiles – almost all surfaces in the classroom.  The markers are made with high quality ink that dries easily when applied.


The 8 neon colors provide bright bold lines for writing or drawing.  The 6mm chisel point tip makes the chalk markers easy to maneuver on various surfaces, unlike the conventional chalk that has a cylindrical shaped tip.  Conventional chalks are usually short and stubby and easy to break.  Fun Chalk Liquid Chalk Pens fit in the handlike the size of a pen, which makes for a sturdy grip and easy use. 


Cindy, a customer on Amazon had this to say; “Instead of using paper to label my classroom supplies and centres, these markers do the trick! The colours are great and these are not runny at all and they wipe off just perfectly. I also use them in my huge windows in my classroom to display funny messages and quotes for my students and parents to enjoy.”


Gold Star Selections liquid chalk pens are high quality markers that do not drip the ink to cause mess.  The markers do not smudge easily because they dry within seconds of use.  They also stay on the surface for a long time without fading.  


The liquid chalk pens are also toxin free and free of dust and odors.  This makes them an ideal choice for preventing dangerous allergic reactions or asthma attacks.  Clean-up is also made easy and free of dust.


The chalk markers made available on Amazon provide potential users with a fun and easy way of being more creative in the classroom.

Gold Star Selections is offering all new customers $4 OFF their first order of liquid chalk pens on with coupon code: 6EY9DLEK


Visit the link below to redeem.


About Gold Star Selections

Gold Star Selections was started in the spring of 2014. Husband and wife team, Tom and Kathy Kiroplis are very excited with their new company. Gold Star Selections is dedicated to providing consumers with top quality products that are affordable and safe to use.

Top priority is customer service. Making our customers happy makes us happy. First product launched was Fun Chalk liquid chalk pens. Gold Star Selections is interested in helping people of all ages and in all fields, exercise their imaginations through the use of art.

Our philosophy is that our products should be inspirational and assist in making our customers lives better. Gold Star Selections liquid chalk pens can be found on Amazon.



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