Breathing Exercises Found to Relieve Stress

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( — October 6, 2014) Marin County, Califronia — Stress related illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity are causing a major health crisis today. Our fast paced 24/7 lifestyle is wreaking havoc with our health. As chronic stress takes it toll on people of all ages, they are looking for ways to relax and find peace of mind more than ever.

60-90% of Doctor Visits Stress Related

Anyone can Google stress management and stress relief and find millions of hits for remedies.  There is a lot of free advice and techniques being offered.  But if it were so easy why are 60 – 90% of visits to health care providers stress related? Apparently there is a disconnect between the advice and the application of effective measures to deal with this health care epedemic of stress related diseases.

Yoga Therapist and entrepreneur, Nicole DeAvilla, says that it’s not the techniques that are the problem.  “It’s the learning how to develop habits to practice the techniques and use them appropriately that are at issue.  People need support, inspiration and encouragement to keep practicing a technique that may offer only modest relief at first but which holds great promise if practiced regularly, in different situations and in unique ways.”

Breathing techniques are among the most effective techniques found in common searches for stress relief and finding how to relax quickly. That is why some download a breathing exercise application which can help them alleviate stress by using some guidelines and tips. Click here to learn more about the app. The number of scientific studies demonstrating that breathing techniques are highly effective in combating stress is growing – simply saerch the PubMed and the National Institute of Health data bases to find them.  The problem DeAvillla says is that many people do the breathing techniques incorrectly.  Or wait until it is too late to use them. –“Don’t wait until you are about to pass out on the floor before deciding to try them!”

Side Benefit: Breathing Can Improve Productivity

However, many people feel that they don’t have time to add another practice, another to-do item on their list lest it will stress them out even more!  Not realizing that stress makes us less productive and less able to sleep and solve problems, they skip the very activity that not only will improve their health, but also improve their productivity.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Taking even just a few minutes to practice daily can make a big impact on one’s health.   DeAvilla, who follows the research and has decades of practical experience herself as a yoga therapist emphasizes that simple techniques are often the most effective.  In fact it’s why she developed “The 2 Minute Yoga Breathing 90-Day Program – Relax and Feel Peace of Mind In Only Minutes a Day”.  It combines simple, effective techniques in a powerful way to help people establish a regular breathing practice and the ability to nip stress in the bud without sacrificing a lot of time.

At a recent conference looking at the scientific research on yoga and health, the Symposium of Yoga Research, many of the scientists presenting included breathing techniques in their yoga studies and feel that it is an important element in the effectiveness of yoga in fighting diseases such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease.  The breath may turn out to be the biggest key to fighting off the ill effects of stress and helping to turn around a modern health crisis.

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