Is It Too Late to Get Compensation For Car Accident Injuries?

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( — October 8, 2014)  Neinstein & Associates have handles cases involving motor vehicle accidents, across Ontario, for more than forty five years. From this experience they understand how these injuries can impact the lives of the clients and their families. In an effort to help people understand their rights and to make the law easier to understand Neinstein and Associates has been writing a blog to enlighten readers about the areas of law they practice. Two recent blog entries about motor vehicle accidents clarify a person’s statute of limitations and the damages they can receive based on their injuries.  Gary Neinstein is also listed in the Canadian Legal Expert Directory.

Every province in Canada has their own statute of limitations and this means that a defendant can only pursue legal action on a claim for a set period of time. For most personal injury law cases the limitation period is set at two years from when the injury occurred. Of course, there are exceptions that may either lengthen or shorten the time period a person has to file a claim. It is very important documented proof of the date when the incident occurred and to discuss the matter with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. The earlier a client talks to a personal injury lawyer the quicker they can investigate the damages and ensure that the claim is filed before the statute of limitations expires. Furthermore, many people let the statute of limitations pass on their claim because they feel their injuries aren’t serious enough.

In Canada, there is a well-defined difference between serious and minor injuries. For instance, in Canada a minor injury is defined as a sprain, strain, whiplash, laceration, or a combination of these injuries. More serious injuries include broken bones, concussions, and brain injuries. In Ontario the financial differences when suing for minor vs major injuries is vastly different. Minor injuries are capped at $3,500 and fifty five percent of all accidents are filed under this category. However, if a lawyer can prove that the injuries are more serious and should be considered a major injury then a person is entitled up to $50,000. The most important step in a case involving both minor and major injuries is recovering from these injuries. 

The lawyers at Neinstein and Associates have been working with individuals hurt in accidents for forty five years. They know that motor vehicle accidents can have many short and long term issues and are available for free consultations to help people understand what benefits they are entitled to. They can be reached toll free at 1 (866) 920-4242 or people can visit their website to learn more about the lawyers at Neinstein & Associates.   Directions are also available in the Yellowpages.