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( — October 10, 2014) Higley, AZ — BVH Pet Care is offering a free digital downloadable eBook with every purchase of their Premium Shampoo and Conditioner. Within the free eBook are pointers on how to house train dogs, developing dog obedience and dog nutrition.

Directed at dog owners, the eBook provides 130 tips in training dogs to be more disciplined and happy. It is said to be filled with guidelines, which are simple and easy to follow.


The free eBook from BVH Pet Care also offers pointers on how to teach dogs obedience as well as how to prepare canine friendly, nutritious meals and the best supplements for your dog. These tips are geared towards helping persons to not only have a clean and healthy dog but also an obedient one.  This bonus offer is thought to be a fantastic one due to the fact that the basic day to day care of dogs is taken into serious consideration.  Additionally, the tips offered in the how-to book helps in the maintenance and grooming of pet and service dogs in-between going to the groomers, no matter what breed dog it is.


BVH Pet Care, in compiling the free eBook, claims to have taken into consideration the fact that the overall care and maintenance of dogs is truly important and, as such, provided the resulting tips for dog owners to do so in conjunction with the Premium Dog Shampoo and Conditioner that they have to offer.


“This shampoo is awesome,” claims Tara in a verified Amazon review, “My dog’s coat is clean and shiny and smells good too.”


Inregards to house training, the free eBook gives tips on how to house train puppies as well as older dogs and also what to expect. How to put them on a daytime schedule and the best way to avoid accidents and what “not to do” on those rare occasions when that does happen. It also gives tips on how to prepare a balanced diet of the best foods for dogs to ensure that they get the best nutrition in order to be fit, happy, clean and healthy. Exercise requirements are also supplied, including how many times dogs should be walked per day and the daily nutritional value that is required for dogs to ensure optimal health and for a shiny and beautiful coat.


By providing their free eBook to online shoppers, BVH Pet Care aims to help persons groom happier, cleaner and healthier pets. In addition the free eBook, every purchase of BVH Premium Shampoo and Conditioner for dogs comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

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