New Dog Shampoo and Conditioner Said to Help Prevent Extra Trips to the Groomers

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( — October 11, 2014) Higley, AZ — BVH Pet Care recently released a new product which is being hailed by dog owners. Their Premium Shampoo and Conditioner for dogs is said to lessen the number of visits to dog groomers.


With bath time for some dogs being a scary and daunting experience, visiting the dog groomer is often necessary for many dog owners in order to keep their pets happy and healthy. However, some dogs get very nervous and/or become anxious going to the groomers just because it’s not a familiar place and it is not their owners handling them. The dogs, in many cases, prefer to be handled by the owners, so being bathed at home may make the dog less anxious about grooming. Therefore, it is thought that fewer visits to the groomer may be a welcome solution. BVH Pet Care Dog Shampoo and Conditioner is said to be a safe and natural product to use between visits to the groomers and eventually lessen such trips.


Using the wrong dog shampoo and conditioner may lead to an uncomfortable experience for the dog. The product from BVH is said to provide many benefits.  Because of the natural ingredients it contains, this product is believed not to disturb the delicate pH balance of the dog’s skin but helps to maintain and nourish it.  The product is said to be easy and safe to use which means fewer trips to the groomers and a happier dog.


The company stands behind being green and, and as such, the products were produced to be cruelty-free, and with ingredients that are non-toxic, organic and biodegradable. The BVH Premium Shampoo and Conditioner is also said to help in maintaining a shiny, beautiful coat as well as the integrity of the health of the dog’s skin, making for a very calm bath time. Additionally, this product can be used on all different breeds with different textures of hair and coat. This includes very coarse to very soft and fine, from long to short, curly or straight and even hairless, the product is simple yet versatile.


Owners have stated that it leaves their dog’s coat feeling silky soft and clean. This is what some dog owners had to say:


Lesilyn Hengen stated that: “This shampoo is great. Our mastiff has had some issues with dry and irritated skin on his under belly. We have washed him with this shampoo and it has helped eliminate his irritation and it leaves his coat shiny and silky (and it smells good too!)”


Another dog owner, Tara, also said: “This shampoo is awesome! I will definitely be ordering more when I finish this bottle. My dog’s coat is clean and shiny and smells good too.”

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