CargoGlide Offers a Heavy Duty Steel Frame Product

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( — October 8, 2014) Saint George, Utah — 

The CG1500HD is one of CargoGlide’s heavy duty steel frame units. The 1 ¼” squared tube with a 1/8” wall. CargoGlide manufactures it with a 3/16 by ½” flat steel, as stiffeners to increase capacity. 

The CG1500HD truck slide out tray has a 1500lbs weight carrying capacity. This model also has hisides, which create a barrier so equipment cannot fall off the sides or the back of the unit between the bulkhead or cab. The CG1500HD has a higher weight capacity on the front bearings of the unit then the CG1000. This unit is for people that need the extra 500 lbs tolerance. The CG1500HD is the next step up from the CG1000.  This model is used by police departments, border patrol, oil and gas companies.

The top frame of the CG1500HD rolls out of the bed of the pick-up, there is a slight incline, which allows clearance of the tailgate. Something most people don’t know is that most pickup truck tailgates are not flat. The tailgate sticks up 1/2” to almost 3” depending on the truck model. An example of a truck that has a 3” tailgate is a Ford 250 & 350 with a grandpa step.  This is why CargoGlide makes drop link kits and spacer kits.


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