Millionaire Andy Shaw Reveals How A Life Can Be Changed In Under A Week

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( — October 9, 2014) Steyning, West Sussex — 


Andy Shaw has been helping people from over 100 different countries to change their lives and get motivated for nearly a year now, as he strives get people thinking with a bug free mind. His presentation video starts off with a promise that our lives can be changed for the better in just 5 days, though he seems to doubt that everyone would make the decision to change if they did have the chance to live the life we are supposed to rather than just living life by accident.



Andy says that there is a way to have a total control over our lives, whether it means we want to have more income, lose weight, become more productive, have better relationships, be a better parent, or just to become a better person. He reveals that the answer to getting motivated can be found in his free guide to a better life called “creating a bug free mind,” which was released in November 2013.


He goes on to reveal exactly what to expect from the guide including a proven path to personal success saying that it’s not our fault if previous attempts have failed. Once the success pattern kicks in Andy explains that as life takes a very quick turn for the best, the bug free system reveals how to think like successful people, as well as living a life in perfect peace in any situation, whereby nothing that anybody says will ever affect us in any way.


“Creating a bug free mind” also discloses a great thinking technique to help reset our minds, and according to Andy “quicker than re-starting a computer,” as well as teaching how to release any memories of bad experiences we’ve had in life. In fact, on the video presentation Andy finishes by saying that what we all have right now is more like a disease, and just holds us back in life, and says… “once the disease has been cured you will suddenly see how easy it is to achieve your dreams… Just reading or listening to the first five chapters of “Creating a bug free mind” you can change your life forever.” Presentation video on Youtube seen here:


Under the video it also says… “Creating A Bug Free Mind is a 5 step program designed to help people change their way of thinking, while assisting to change an entire outlook on life. The guide is a free audio and pdf download, and each chapter is designed to develop and enhance the untapped aspects of the mind which make fundamental transformations. Andy Shaw’s process starts with the removal of bugs, who says… “Bugs are the elements of thinking and thought which are holding us back in life, so I teach people how to overcome bugs with ease and comfort.”