Frank Kern Set to Release New Video with Tony Robbins

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( — October 14, 2014)  Frank Kern is widely considered the internet’s top marketer and many people utilize his methods and tactics to achieve success themselves. Over the last few years however Frank has shifted his focus towards consulting other entrepreneurs on innovative strategies that will increase their revenues online. Self-help author, motivational speaker, and life coach Anthony “Tony” Robbins recently had Frank fly down to Florida to shoot a new video.

Frank attributes much of his success to Tony Robbins. When Frank Kern was struggling to earn money, after not finishing college, he borrowed some Tony Robbins tapes (Personal Power) and they helped him achieve the mindset that would eventually take him to the top of the internet marketing industry. Frank is not the only person that Tony has helped as evidenced by Larry King’s exclamation “The man who has inspired millions to change their lives! [Tony] brings out the best in all of us. The world is a better place because of him.”

This is not the first time Tony and Frank have been on screen together either. Previously the duo, and John Reese, collaborated to discuss traits that successful people have in common. Both John and Frank are self-made millionaires who made their fortunes selling products on the internet and still continue to be successful in that market. The traits they specifically look into are the ones that initiate them to take action and follow through with the tasks.

This time the video will just be Frank Kern and Tony Robbins in a one on one style interview. People can expect an experience similar to a recent discussion Frank had with praised copywriter Dan Kennedy. Tony Robbins has a new book that will be out in November and Frank promises “…it’s really, really good. Major eye opener”. The shoot was over two hours long so that gives them a lot of time to cover a large variation of subjects. 

As of October 14th, 2014 the video is still in the editing process and will be released in the upcoming weeks. This video promises to be both inspirational and very informative and people can be noticed the instant it is available by joining Frank Kern’s mailing list on Likewise people can follow Frank on Facebook for more information and details pertaining to the video.