Plastic Surgery Clinic in Northern VA Receives Positive Feedback For Exceptional Results

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( — October 9, 2014) Fairfax , VA — Dr. Victoria Suh of the Victoria Plastic Surgery Center in Fairfax, VA, recently announced an increase in positive feedback from their rhinoplasty clients. This, she said, is due to the stellar quality of their services. This top center for rhinoplasty in VA has invested in the latest equipment and recruited some of the best rhinoplasty professionals in the country. On the question of how they got their feedback, she told us that each client who has the procedure done fills out a form afterwards.

Rhinoplasty is a nose-correction procedure that can be either cosmetic or medical. The center, which also handles other cosmetic procedures, performs cosmetic rhinoplasty. Most clients who come to them are looking for better nose-face balance, looking to have a smaller nose or looking to correct a broken nose that is crooked. They also receive clients who are looking to remove bumps on the nose. Clients come from areas such as Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York.
We asked Dr. Suh to walk us through what they do from the time a new client comes to them. “New clients get a free consultation where we talk about their nose problem and what they would like to achieve. After understanding their needs we discuss what options are available and what we recommend. We then make a computerized sketch of what their new nose will look like. The client examines the sketch and if they are happy with it we then go ahead and do rhinoplasty. We also tell clients how to prepare them for the surgery. Smokers, for instance, have to give up smoking at least 2 weeks before we can do surgery.” Additionally, all clients are informed of the risks that can come from having rhinoplasty and how they can avoid them. Clients come in afterwards for consultation to make sure that they are healing properly.
We were able to track down some of their clients and this is what one of them, who asked to remain anonymous, had to say. “I wasn’t happy with my nose – I always felt that it was too big. I loved the way I was treated from the moment I walked in. I knew what to expect and I was very happy with the result. Everyone was polite and professional and everything went smoothly. I can confidently say that this is the best place to get rhinoplasty in VA.” 

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Dr. Victoria Suh is a board certified plastic surgeon practicing in Northern Virginia offering free consultation for cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries in Virginia, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC.

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