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(Newswire.net — October 9, 2014) Costa Mesa, CA –People who have made the choice to stop abusing alcohol and other addictive drugs have made the best choice for their families and themselves. However, this road is a long and difficult one, and it requires ongoing discipline and commitment. This in turn relies heavily on support from loved ones as well as professional counselors. Some people in recovery prefer traditional methods such as straightforward detoxification programs, while others prefer a completely holistic therapy. Whichever those in recovery prefer, it is vital to include support from family. Akua Mind & Body incorporates different therapies while emphasizing support from family and friends.


Because detox often relies on the use of medication, the professionals at Akua Mind & Body closely monitor the withdrawal process for patients. Certified professionals help patients with potentially dangerous withdrawals. They can also oversee the administration of drugs if necessary and ensure that patients are given medical support. Once the detoxification portion of treatment is finished, Akua welcomes the support of family members and helps them learn more about how to assist in the recovery process.


Akua Mind & Body realizes the effectiveness of traditional medicine, and the center offers its patients standard types of treatment. This treatment begins with standard interviews with staff followed by a detox program if necessary. Once the detoxification program is finished, a treatment protocol develops using interview-based therapy which includes the patient’s loved ones, since they are the ones who will ultimately support ongoing recovery.


Akua Mind & Body uses alternative therapies as well. These therapies help restore the person’s “natural calm” in a word of chaos and noise. Drug and alcohol therapies are treated on a deeper level, and holistic therapies such as meditation are used to help patients draw on inner levels of strength in the recovery process. Families are also involved in this process and are encouraged to participate in practices such as yoga and meditation with the patients when they return home.


About Akua Mind & Body: Akua Mind & Body has been successful in helping men and women overcome addictions to drugs, alcohol and prescription pain medication through a revitalizing spa-like environment that provides an integrative approach to detoxification. The clinical detoxification model combines Eastern and Western modalities on medication, nutrition, exercise, and psychotherapy as well as acupuncture, massage, yoga, and meditation. With a professional staff available 24 hours per day, Akua Mind & Body offers only cutting-edge detoxification and recovery services.


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