Loopy Apple Offers a Complimentary Recipe eBook with Spiral Slicer Purchase

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(Newswire.net — October 13, 2014) Beaverton, OR — The top-rated Amazon seller of Loopy Apple’s vegetable spiral slicers, is giving away a complimentary recipe book in digital format to all first-time buyers of this popular brand of kitchenware products. They can get this multi-purpose kitchen tool in a low-key charcoal black style or in a vibrant shade of red, cobalt blue, or lemon yellow.


A verified initial purchase of the product entitles the customer to his or her personal copy of the special twelve-recipe eBook. In a follow-up email to new customers, the seller provides additional information about the product, along with a direct link to this one-time offer of a free eBook download. Although repeat customers don’t get the same follow-up message from the seller after they have downloaded a digital copy of the recipe book, they are among the privileged few who receive limited time offers and special discounts whenever the company introduces new and exciting products.


Everyone at Ibiza P/L worked hard in putting together this special collection of delicious and healthy recipes that you won’t find in other cookbooks and kitchen journals anywhere. These recipes were specially created to showcase the durability and versatility of the spiral slicer vegetable. Greater emphasis is placed on the speed and ease of using this tool, such as when cutting up picture-perfect carrot sticks or making julienned cucumber as garnish.


Other uses for this slicer were not mentioned or explained in detail in the eBook. Quite a few people, however, sent feedback through Amazon reviews that it didn’t do quite as badly as expected when they used it as a handy skin peeler, shredder, grater and juicer in a pinch. It works like a pencil sharpener, but instead of wood with a line of lead in the middle, you’re pushing and twisting a piece of fruit or a slice of raw vegetable into the slicer’s wide mouth.


Every spiral slicer vegetable comes with a small cleaning brush that’s made of rigid, but sparsely threaded nylon bristles. Use the pointy-head of this brush to remove any food residue from hard-to-reach places on the inside. Twist the brush as you insert the tip between the blades. Wash the slicer in a tub of warm, soapy water or run it through a hot spray of water in the dishwasher. Wipe down excess moisture from the slicer’s body and the blades, and make sure it dries completely before you stash it in the drawer.


Loopy Apple is offering all new customers $3 off their first order of Vegetable Spiral Slicer on Amazon.com with coupon code – LOOPYSS5 – visit the link below to redeem:



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