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( — October 10, 2014) Hoboken, New Jersey —  Portland, Oregon


What can be said about Nancy King, the iconic Northwest Jazz Diva? That she is unique among jazz singers? That her uncompromising musicality has survived 50 years without being manipulated by music promoters, record labels and well intentioned club owners agents? 


A definite yes and more. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, ballet dancer and horse enthusiast as a child, precocious, talented and beautiful, the singer came of age in the milieu of San Fransisco, racism and the be-bop revolution of the ’60’s.


A rare individual whose sense of identity and musical personality was formed by personal and musical relationships by many of the kings and queens of jazz. As a young singer in San Fransisco, she cut here teeth in clubs and jam sessions with the likes of Pharaoh Sanders, Pony Poindexter, John Hendricks and many other famous and not so famous luminaries. 


A world traveler on international stages, a teacher, workshop leader and inspiration to many, if not most of today’s younger generation of jazz singers, her influence can be felt in the work of many vocalists and instrumentalists performing around the world.


Known affectionately as “The Queen Of Scat”, her recorded work encompasses quartet, trio, duo and big band settings. 


The jazz world is a small community and the individuals who live, breathe and play the music are charged with a “living in the moment” kind of music and lifestyle. Improvisation rules and since it is a music of the moment, it relies on an audience who is also “in the moment” to appreciate it.


In this crazy world, where singers need auto tuners, music is more theater than music and boom boom pound pound rap rings out on the streets, a Nancy King concert brings high level musicianship and emotional power straight into the heart.


Joining Ms. King on Nov 9th will be the “ tremendously gifted” (LA Times) Dan Tepfer on piano. Mr. Tepfer is a pianist/composer of wide-ranging depth, ambition and drive. Born to American parents in Paris in 1982, Tepfer is “a remarkable musician, who refuses to set limits” (Washington Post). 


A jazz and classical pianist, Tepfer switches genres effortlessly and can “build a bridge across centuries and genres” (Wall Street Journal).


His many awards include first prize and audience prize at the Montreux Jazz Festival Solo Piano Competition, First Prize at the East Coast Jazz Festival Competition, and the Cole Porter Fellowship from the American Pianists Association.


The Brooklyn Film Festival recently voted his soundtrack for the independent feature “Movement and Location” Best Original Score at their 2014 Brooklyn Film Festival.


The evening should prove to be quite an event. Many musicians from the Portland area and beyond will be attending, and some will be sitting in as guests, so there will be a good share of surprises. 



All proceeds from this event (after expenses) will go directly to medical and incurred bills directly. Funds are managed by Belinda Underwood and Nancy King. Organizational details of this event are donated by Ms. King’s friends, fans and volunteers. 


Many thanks to the Alberta Rose Theater for rental discount and promotional assistance. 

Also many thanks to Yamaha Pianos for donating one of their beautiful pianos for this event.  


Alberta Rose Theater

3000 Alberta Street

Portland, OR 97211



$20.00 advance tickets at

$25.00 at door.

Doors at 6 pm

Show at 7 pm

Minors ok with adult, children aged 12 and under are free and need a “free ticket” (available online or at door).



If you cannot make the show but would still like to make a donation for Nancy, you can do so here:

Email Belinda Underwood if you want Nancy’s mailing address for checks, correspondence and well wishes!




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