Study Shows Dead Sea Infused Vi-Tae Bath Salts Reduce UV Skin Damage

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( — October 16, 2014) Houston, TX — A recent study supports the anti-aging effects of ReBoot+ReStart Detoxifying, Cleansing & Healing Aromatherapy Bath Salts From Vi-Tae®, which shows that a solution derived from the mineral-rich Dead Sea significantly improves the skin’s ability to cope with harmful ultraviolet rays.


Researchers have discovered that a topical application containing a high concentration of Dead Sea water reduced the effects of skin damage and enhanced its appearance. The study published in Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications, examined the effects of a Dead Sea concentrate on skin that has been damaged due to exposure to solar UV rays. They found that the treatment also boosted the hydrating effects of using regular moisturizer.


The research is good news for users of Vi-Tae’s ReBoot+ReStart Detoxifying, Cleansing & Healing Aromatherapy Bath Salts, which contains a base of Dead Sea salts widely known for their anti-aging, deep cleansing and detoxifying properties.


“We have known for a long time that high exposure to the UV rays ages the skin prematurely,” said Owner of Vi-Tae Inc, Elizabeth Robinson. “Adding Vi-Tae bath salts to your skin care routine will have tremendous benefits offering not only protection from further damage, but reducing the effects of UV damage and greatly improving the skin’s appearance.”


The ReBoot+ReStart Detoxifying, Cleansing & Healing Aromatherapy Bath Salts combines a magnesium rich base of Dead Sea salts with rosemary leaf oil and cinnamon leaf oil for an effective anti-aging, deep cleansing and detoxifying formula. Made with all natural ingredients and having no artificial scents, colors or parabens, the product invigorates the bath experience by cleansing and conditioning the skin, while helping to balance blood sugar levels.


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